Monday, February 3, 2014


This week's Make-It Monday is being replaced by my report on January's fitness goal to run for a half hour, an update on the Sexy Challenge, and my new goal for February.
Running in place and walking back and forth in our living room got REALLY old. Granted that it wasn't an accurate simulation of going for a run, nonetheless it feels amazing to say that I am able to jog for 30 minutes at a time. I feel very accomplished and able. It was a good start to my year of fitness.
I have been working on the Sexy Challenge. To be honest with you, I still can't do a real push-up, but I'm trying and I am getting better. I really love this challenge, because it is really a challenge. I struggle each day, but each day I get closer to the goal and become stronger.
Now, comes the new challenge - detoxing my body. Over the past few weeks, despite my calorie cutting, increased fiber, la de da; I was gaining weight instead of losing it. So my fitness goal of February is detoxing. And I've already started....let me give you the skinny.
I must be candid, if you're going to understand how great this is. I've taken 3 detox baths already 1) My feet tingled and itched but didn't notice much of a difference 2) I lost about two pounds in 1 day and my digestion was finally back on the right tract (haha, get it?) 3) I feel great, and it's amazing how much gray gunk scraped off my feet and out of my tub. The toxins are pouring out me, I'm broken out, and dehydrated from sweating them out.

Detox Bath

2 Cups Epsom Salt
1 Cup Baking Soda
1 Tbs Ground Ginger

And for the rest of the month I'll be drinking a few detox water recipes. I'll report at the end of the month with my favorite recipes and how I feel.
If you had a day like we had yesterday and partied half as hard (we ate a LOT of man food, including soda, ice cream, and lots of meat) then you need this bath. But, don't do it if you'll be away from home. You'll regret it.
No matter who you cheered for; Denver, Seattle, the groundhog, the puppies, the commercials. Whether you won or were disappointed with 6 weeks of winter, you will win with this detox bath.