Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend was Memorial - for different reasons

Ok - hopefully the bugs have worked out. After adjusting the template and checking and rechecking the blog I realized that our last "little story" was not so little. This post should hopefully be as hobbit sized as it's authors.

This is an account of our adventures this weekend and why after a restful weekend we are so tired.

"I should think so - in these parts! We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!"
The Hobbit, Chapter 1

To Begin our weekend, Sam was offered an extra 15 hours with the OIT office for Summer Semester beginning in July. And I was able to convince Mr. Sam to attend a baseball game with me.

We went to BYU's 2nd to last Home game against Gonzaga on Friday: it started moving quite quickly for a baseball game and then slowed and slowed and slowed again; by the 7th inning stretch we were losing. Disturbingly. They were 13 and we were 0. Needless to say - we left. But it was a lovely evening and we even spiced things up a bit by pretending we were on a first date; try it - it's fun to feel awkward sometimes and know that there will ALWAYS be a second date.

Saturday we attended our niece's baptism and it was beautiful. Yes, I cried - I always cry. Afterwards we got barbeque - courtesy of her parents - and when I say barbeque I mean A LOT of food! Hobbits like food. Especially hobbits in college.

You would think this brings us to Sunday - but hold your horses there is one last little story to share from Saturday - Mr. Sam received a call that evening from a bishopric member about meeting with us to extend a calling for me. Since Samwise works on Sunday mornings for BYU running the IT office for church meetings in the Wilkinson Center, he was unable to come with me the next morning to our interview so the caller told me my calling. I am to be the Primary Music Leader!

(I am extra excited because not only do we have the cutest little kids ever but I love music and my mom has this same calling at this very time!)

Sunday - we visited graves with members of Sam's family in honor of the coming Memorial Day and was otherwise uneventful.

Now comes the uncomfortable things - the reason we hobbits rarely have use for adventures. Yesterday I was scheduled to begin the lemonade diet, the "Master Cleanse", it was way too icky and I realized that it wasn't me to do something like that - again; HOBBITS LIKE FOOD! I like my dinner.

Secondly - Mr. Sam twisted funny getting out of bed and threw out his back - unable to move for most the day and unable to sleep most the following night. He is however feeling significantly better this morning and able to move on his own and resting on the couch. Rosie's orders. 

I know this post was supposed to be "little" but clearly I am no good at that and will need to continue working on that but at least it's a LITTLE shorter than the last "little story"

As you see - Hobbits are plain, quiet folk. We like our dinner. And just like Bilbo these hobbits take far too many adventures.


Elizabeth Mei said...

You guys are too cute!


Mrs. Rosie & Mr. Sam said...

You're so sweet! Thanks for checking it out!

Momzoo said...

I hope you liked the leftovers ;-)