Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Yesterday I baked and baked and cleaned and cleaned...you know mom stuff. But, Hobbit Jo was not okay with something taking attention away from her so out of necessity for peace of mind and a happy baby I pulled out my ergo baby and stuck her on my back. Which for the most part worked. She had easy access to her favorite activity (pulling mom's hair) and was part of the activity.

So last night Mr. Sam was very kind and loving and gave my back a good rub. But nevertheless when I woke up this morning I sure couldn't find it in myself to jump and lunge and push and twist. So I tried to stretch myself out and loosen up.
Word to the wise - carrying an infant is a work-out. Whether it's with your arms or in a carrier. It works muscles that you don't naturally strengthen until you start doing it and you don't think about it until you've done it.

BTW - I love babies. I just want to hug, kiss, and stare at them all day. I am a sucker for all baby pictures and videos. If I could there would be millions and millions with me right now just playing and smiling at me. Snuggling and drooling on me. I love it! Being a mom is the greatest thing that could happen to someone so baby hungry as I. It was actually a big joke with the in-laws while Mr. Sam and I were dating and engaged.

Breakfast: 3 pieces wheat bread with 5 Tbs peanut butter
Lunch: Cup of hot chocolate - Michigan is chilly
Dinner: Split a box of Mac'n'Cheese with my man
Snacks: Split some mandarin oranges for dessert

Shout out to my parents who are joining Weight Watchers.
There are hundreds of ways to get in shape, just find what works for you and try it out!

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