Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weekly Weigh-in

So this week my mind ate more than my body - I began and finished the hunger games series. And being so caught up in the books I may or may not have stayed up to late and not worked out as much as I should have and forgot to eat some of my meals so my calories were a little low but here goes!

Pilates: 45-50 minutes  

It only took about a minute and a half

One rotation of our HI IT workout
Sexy: again 1-2 minutes

Rest day (reading took over my life; and here begins the downfall)
I also was so distracted I failed to log my food. But counted my calories and was around 1200 each day
I did get to eat a bunch of popcorn though because my calories were low.

Sexy: 1-2 minutes
Mind over matter


Sexy: make up for yesterday and today 3-4 minutes
Weigh-in: 162.5

*Tip of the week-  home popped popcorn is super low in calories. One of our favorite things is our WhirleyPop. I highly recommend getting one (even if you only have popcorn once in awhile - it's worth it)!

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