Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sexy By Christmas

I have to apologize, I honestly don't remember specifically what I've eaten since I posted last. But I will confess that I had Wendy's today. We were shopping and just couldn't resist.

My sisters all joined My Fitness Pal (great app! I've used it before and recommend it over the other calorie recording apps; I've tried all of the free ones available to Android) this week as a way to be more accountable and honest as a way to help us stay on the fitness train. So once I'm not so lazy I will be able to share exactly what I ate and tell you how many calories it would be if you chose to eat it as well.

It even creates recipes and tells you the calories per serving! Awesome!

And shout-out to Mr. Sam who has lost 5 lbs already this fall! I lost none. So being a little selfish and wishing I had lost the 5 lbs I took the week off of working out. But luckily he really is my better half and continued to encourage me in finding a way to maybe do a little more. Because as much as I love Pilates it's not elevating my heart rate.

I decided to take it a step further. I solemnly swear before all of you on my new work-out goal to jump start my weight-loss. I'm calling it, "Sexy By Christmas." It starts on Monday and I invite anyone and everyone to join me. We've got just under 40 days and lots of holiday temptations in our path, but here is a way to burn calories - no matter how many we may eat in goodies this season.

I took inspiration from the 24 day abs challenge and added my own twist.
The green are days to rest and the blue are cross-training days. I wrote in purple above the Sexy work-out the typical work-outs I do or cross-fit work-outs I chose to do. I'm doing this in addition to my daily work-outs. You don't need to do that, but if you want to go ahead. And If you're going along with our schedule already then here it is in writing what I'll be doing for the next 6 wks.

*But just so you know counting calories and increasing your water intake does help, it just took a little longer to show-up on the scale but I'm down to 163!