Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Once upon a time I had a fabulous seminary teacher who gave us a new quote each week, called a Prophet in Your Pocket. We were challenged to write the statement on a 3x5 card and carry it in the pocket we use most often so that each time we got into that pocket for a cell, lip gloss, keys, pens, wallets, etcetera we would pull out the 3x5 and read it. This, of course, meant we read the quotes hundreds of times throughout the week. And 6 years later, I still know a few of them verbatim and even more of them are paraphrased in my mind.
I bring this up because last week I wrote about goals and making them visible. These days most people use their phones for everything. Everything. So that means we spend more time with them than anything else. What else could be more visible? I couldn't think of anything, and therefore took advantage of it and challenged myself to yet again put my goals in my pocket.
I've ModPodged my goals, fitness and otherwise, on the back of my phone case so that each time I use my phone I will flip it over and read my list of goals. Keeping them ever present in my mind.
Will all these talk of goals, I should fill you in on mine.
To keep things fresh I am doing a different fitness goal each month to keep my goal to get fit and lose weight exciting. I'll fill you in on my progress as the month goes, so that you'll know what I did and gather ideas for things you can do, too.
January: I will be able to run for 30 consecutive minutes.
Each day I will run/walk for 30 minutes - increasing my time running by 1-2 minutes each day.

Monday I also started the Sexy Challenge again, if you start today you'll be done for Valentine's Day. This time I am doing real push-ups, and doing my 2 push-ups last night was hard, but I'm excited to get better at them.

Here is a new format for the Sexy Challenge.

I'll continue sharing low-cal meals and treats that I have over the week, but if you want to follow my day to day menu then comment below and follow me on the myfitnesspal app.

Original Weight: 169.5 lbs
Last Week's Weight: 169.5 lbs
Today's Weight: 168 lbs

Join the Fitness Train, Whooo-WHooo!

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Chelsey Vallace said...

FIRST post READ! I already love your stuff! Especially this one that talks about our good old class :) I admit I still have almost ALL of mine! (pack rat much?) Love ya lady! :)