Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Day!

With the snow falling and falling and falling this weekend (MI is a white-out) I am again reminded that just because 2013 is over that that doesn't mean winter is. If you look out our window you see a swing set that doesn't swing in the wind anymore because the snow is so deep, flurries of snow from the roof, and all kinds of wildlife that are only available to those who live by the river.
Since Mr. Sam had a snow day today I cleaned and crafted myself a snowman/woman/person....who cares about politics; snowman.
P.S. Can you believe that they still have snow days in Law School?!

Here is the original....

And here is the one I just made.

Being frugal and poor I used (come one you've heard it enough from me, what did I use for my crafts?) scraps of fabric and ribbon that I already had rather than buying socks like she did. But having made a few I do recommend socks or at the least a stretchy jersey fabric.
At Christmas, I used some soft white flannel, and realized that I should have used something stretchy to get a plump figure. But they turned out cute anyway.
Tonight, I used a panel of fabric from a shirt of Mr. Sam's that was riddled with holes after a bleach encounter in the wash. More stretchy, but not quite as durable as a sock would be.

Her tutorial is no-sew, mine is mostly no-sew. If you are scrapping like me you have one seam. I recommend a 6 1/2"x10" panel of fabric. Fold hotdog style and sew 1/4" seam.

She uses twine, I used baby elastics (I have them in bulk for cheap from Walmart/Meijer).

Put about 1/8 Cup of rice or sand in the bottom before stuffing to help it stand.

I also cut SMALL holes in the sides of the "sweater" to add in twig arms with a dob of hot glue. The slits you created act as sleeves and hide the glue where you connected the arms to the body.

I hot glued the beads on and the hat down to make sure that they wouldn't move too much.

I also had a hard time getting the hats to stay down the way she did it so I cut a hole in the top of the hat as well and used the elastic to secure them all together and cut it like the top of a flannel hat and the white acted as an accent.

I hope my notes helped. And I hope you have fun crafting and bringing a cheery friend into your home during these blustery months ahead.


Travis, Alison, Bode, & Trey said...

Super cute!

Marilyn Ashby said...

I love it. It is hospital socks or at least looks like them.

Mrs. Rosie said...

Yep! I used a hospital sock as a fuzzy sweater! You should send me a picture of yours so I can add it as an example.