Monday, January 13, 2014

Looking Like You

Today's Make-It Monday, I want to tell you about my New Year's Eve. It was the best one yet. The makings of the night were a long time in the works.
Two years ago a co-worker of mine discovered the power of Dressing Your Truth for herself and during her transformation she shared thoughts with me and invited me to try it out of myself.
I didn't believe it (especially what they say about black) and I took it as a challenge to prove them wrong and took one week to dress like she recommended and NO black. I felt hot. But, I was wearing new clothes and I was taking extra time to get ready so I discounted the good feeling and didn't explore it much after that.
However, it stuck with me for a few reasons: 1- I always hated gold, I thought it looked old and was outdated; big surprise to me, once I started wearing it I loved it! My wedding ring is gold and were I to buy myself something right now, it would be gold. 2- My friend's entire outlook on life changed, lightened, and for the first time since I had known her she looked comfortable in her skin. 3- Some of the things that were written rang true with me.
We are encouraged to seek out all good books.
Two years later, that week at the MTC still stuck with me and I looked back into the things I had learned from my friend. I reread the book "Dressing Your Truth" by Carol Tuttle and felt empowered. This brings us back to New Year's Eve, a two year journey in the making.
Even though I am much heavier, larger, and a much different shape than I was when I bought any of my clothes - I committed to wearing the things I love, no matter the size. New Year's Eve morning I put my hair back and then put on a completely Type 1 outfit, jewelry and all, and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Before I had finished flossing I had decided to cut my hair. My own hair.
Trust me, I don't cut hair. When we moved to MI I had to give Mr. Sam a haircut and the first one took me over 2 hours to do; he missed class. And trust me it's not a fancy cut. Just a short boy hair-cut. So when I say I cut my own hair - it was a big deal.
But it was the most fun I have had in MONTHS! I put on my music, sang Backstreet Boys at the top of my lungs and just started cutting. And I love it.
I feel like I look good everyday, I want to get ready everyday, it's no longer a chore, and I love the way I look.
As long as I remember I have hated my big, ugly nose and cringed whenever I looked at my bushy, uneven eyebrows (one is set higher than the other). But, within the last couple weeks, I truly have come to love my features. My nose even seems small to me now and my eyebrows look great! They totally fit my face.
You don't have to believe it - I didn't, I thought it was hokum and silly. I invite you all to try it out, or at the very least go to the website and see what it's about. I have found it very freeing and feel beautiful as me.

Check out the change from Christmas to Now. It's amazing!

And isn't Hobbit Jo the cutest?!


Genevieve said...

You look awesome and btw your eyebrows look wonderful!!!

Travis, Alison, Bode, & Trey said...

You cut your own hair?! Wowza.

Marilyn Ashby said...

So brave. I don't even dare snip my bangs. Glad you are feeling happy. Love you much.

Sarah Kieffer said...

I love it

Mrs. Rosie said...

Thanks Genny, I haven't done much with them for months and I just filled them in like you taught me!

Mrs. Rosie said...

Thanks guys, I'm loving my new adventure!rit means a lot that you all support me!