Monday, January 20, 2014

Smooth Things Over With Oils

Here is my spill for Voo-Doo. Well, not technically Voo-Doo. My sister-in-law is a Doterra Consultant and my other sister-in-law is a Young Living Consultant and they have slowly introduced me to the holistic world with essential oils. Mr. Sam teases that I use Voo-Doo chants each time I put on an oil. What a loon!
My first essential oil experience was when Hobbit Jo was about 6 weeks old. As most babies do, she did not like nighttime, at all. So SIL #1 loaned us her bottle of Roman Chamomile oil to rub on her little feet 15 minutes before bedtime or during colic times. It was a miracle. Within 3 days (at the most) she went from being held all night and crying to sleeping IN HER CRIB through the night for 8 hours. I was converted and have used oils for a lot of things since. They don't fix everything, but they can do some incredible things.
But they aren't the only oils that do wonderful things.
I am also a fan of coconut oil - for cooking, baking, and dieting. Most importantly for moisturizing; my face has not been this clear, healthy, and smooth since before puberty. I melted my coconut oil over a double broiler (fancy talk for a bowl over boiling water; so that things won't burn or overheat) remove from heat and add a few drops of each of my essential oils I use on my face and let it harden again. If you don't use Voo-Doo you can use straight coconut oil and trust me, you're face will feel amazing.
Now, I shared my most common uses for these oils and yet there is so much more to share about them and the ways I have used them.
This week, I am running a series about how I use these oils in my daily life. My lotion, my body wash, my chapstick, my mind. Keep checking in and practice your chanting ;) If you need inspiration, here is a link that has some powerful chanting. Hakuna Matata!

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